March 9, 2024

Saving TikTok Videos: A Complete Guide in 2024

Saving TikTok Videos

As we know, TikTok is becoming more popular in the current era, with its popularity tiktok introducing many features. One of those is Saving TikTok videos. Sometimes, you need to see the clip again and share it with your friends and colleagues. You may want to keep a video as a bit of memory. Thus, TikTok has made downloading videos quite a convenient and easy one-step process right within the app. Tikdownloader is a great help in this regard. In this detailed guide, we’ll show you different ways to save TikTok videos on your Android phone, computer, or iPhone.

What are the steps to download TikTok on an Android phone?

It is straightforward to download TikTok videos on your Android phone. For this purpose, you have to follow these steps:

Firstly, open the TikTok app or go to TikTok on the browser. Locate the particular video you need to download.

Saving TikTok Videos

Now, Click the share button. Select “Copy Link” from the sharing menu.

Select “Copy Link” from the sharing menu.

Saving TikTok Videos

Go to your Android browser and then open the TikTok downloader website.

Saving TikTok Videos

Go to the option of download to Android.

Hence, insert the link to the text field or input box.

Saving TikTok Videos

Click “Download,” and then choose the desired option.

Saving TikTok Videos

When you download the video, it will now allow you to save it on your phone’s gallery or file manager app.

How can you save TikTok videos on the PC?

You can save TikTok videos on your PC by following the following steps:

Open the PC’s Browser, then enter the web address tikdownloader on it.

Go to the option of download to PC.

Saving TikTok Videos

Now, copy the link to the TikTok video which you wish to download.

Now, go to your video downloader website and click “Paste” after you have copied this link in the text bar.

Saving TikTok Videos

Click the “Download” button to proceed.

Saving TikTok Videos

Choose the desired option and click to download.

Saving TikTok Videos

As the download proceeds, you can choose to play the video on a media player or player software you prefer.

How to Save TikTok on iPhone?

Saving TikTok videos on the iPhone and Android phone is comparable to the process. Here are the steps:

In TikTok, open it and then find the video you want to download.

Tap on the share button. Select “Copy Link” from the share menu.

Saving TikTok Videos

On your iPhone, launch the tikdownloader.

Scroll down to choose the option of downloading to iPhone.

Saving TikTok Videos

Paste the URL that you have copied in the provided text area or input field.

Click on the desired download options.

After downloading, you can access a video from your iPhone’s Photos app or Files app, providing your iOS version and settings.


The process of saving your TikTok videos is not easy because the app already includes many other online tools and sharing features. However, whatever environment you’re using—iPhone devices, PC, or Android—you can easily save your favorite TikTok videos with a few taps or clicks.


Q. Can I download TikTok videos without using any third-party website or tool?

No, you cannot download these videos on your device without any third-party website or tool.

Q. Is it legal to download TikTok videos?

You can save TikTok videos for yourself, but you can only share or use them for business if you get permission.

Q. Can I download TikTok videos with sound?

Indeed, almost all video downloader tools and websites on TikTok let you download videos with their sound and audio preserved.

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